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It was in the year 1999, the concern for Environment, Wildlife and Nature brought together a group of like-minded people, including few journalists to form an organization named ‘Saviours’ with a pledge to serve Mother Earth.

The journey continues slow and steady propagating the message of conservation of Environment, Wildlife and Natural Resources. In the past 16 years new friends joined after while few left in the way but the voyage continues, however, strengthening the organization year after year.

Saviours aim to form a ‘green corps’ of people especially youngsters who could infuse ‘green culture’ in the society in order to ‘make life better’ on this only living planet.

We aim to sensitize people from different walks of the society, with special attention on students and teachers, about various alarming issues pertaining to Mother Earth, Environment, Flora and Fauna so that they could be turned into potential custodians of Nature.

Saviours promotes its self evolved indigenous SSS model (S-Schools or Students, S-Society and S-Saviours as facilitator) to ensure sustainability of its programs which are largely based on community partnership. Its vision is to generate community’s own resources and utilize them for conservation of environment, wildlife and Nature