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Concept Note

Question: “Who is your favorite hero?”

Answer: “Shah Rukh Khan”

Did you notice the error in the above conversation? If no, read again. If yes, we need to ask the same question to ourselves.

For the youth of today the word ‘hero’ has become synonymous with a Bollywood actor who single handedly fights the goons and wins over the actress’ love on screen! But again, it is neither their fault nor the film-makers’. The real problem is the lack of role models in front of these young minds to emulate or to get inspired from and polish oneself to emerge as a hero for others! Be it politicos, engineers, environmentalists, doctors, artists, sport persons, journalists or maybe actors not solely for the glamorous world they are living in but their heroic story behind buffing them up needs to be put in the foreground for the youngsters to delve into and learn from.

With our combined effort we aim to choose examples from the  society  who have achieved excellence in their respective realms and bring forth their story, hardships, support system, journey, their own inspirations, so that the present generation has a ‘hero’ not merely to follow but someone they can associate well with.

We hope that this endeavor helps the children to channelize their energies into something prolific and the institution continues to develop such talent so that the generations to come do not have to face the similar dearth!