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Hyderabad: Now, you’ll have a red blot on your house if you waste water

Hyderabad, Aug 18, 2019. Taking a leaf out of a recent Telugu film ‘Rangu Paduddi’ (splash of colour), the HMW & SB launched a first-of-its-kind experiment in the country- a colour coded scheme for consumers by painting colours on their house walls to highlight wastage of water.

While the Water Board said they are doing this as a part of a water conservation campaign, residents in SR Nagar and Sanathnagar were in for a shock when they spotted red, orange and green dabs of paint on their house walls.

At Matha Nagar in SR Nagar, officials identified 20 houses for wasting water and painted red colour to highlight the gravity of wastage. The officials found water overflowing in the bylanes during supply hours. “We conducted counselling for residents explaining about the expenditure incurred by the board to purify water and supply at a subsidy rate”, said HMW & SB managing director M Dana Kishore.

Before painting the walls, officials conducted a detailed survey two days ago and decided on red, orange and green colours based  on the amount of water used.