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‘No flying’ movement takes off in environmentally conscious Sweden

‘No flying’ movement takes off in environmentally conscious Sweden

Sweden, Aug 10, 2019. A number of Swedes people are opting for trains and other means of transport instead of planes in order to curb the climate change.

Climate experts say that aviation accounts for 4 to 5 percent of human-produced greenhouse gas emissions coming from energy, but air travel is often the biggest source of personal carbon emissions for high income individuals and frequent flyers.

But while the science behind the damaging effects of flying on the global climate has been available for a while, it appears a number of factors have coalesced to create a greater awareness in Sweden over the past year.

Devastating wildfires and an unusually hot summer ramped up public discussion about climate change in 2018.

People refuse to fly and take trains to various parts of the Europe. People are also opting for ships for farther distances. Swedes are finding low-carbon adventures closer to home and creative ways to travel. The country’s national railway service, SJ, said a record number of passengers-31.8 million people- traveled with them last year.

Meanwhile, the number of passengers at Swedish airports fell by 4.4 percent in the first three months of this year, the Swedish Transport agency said.