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Seed-embedded eco-friendly tricolors to be used for I-Day celebrations in UP’s Saharanpur

Seed-embedded eco-friendly tricolors to be used for I-Day celebrations in UP’s Saharanpur



MEERUT In an innovative and eco-friendly step aimed at resolving the grave concern of tricolors being dumped in trash after national festivals such as Independence Day and Republic Day, the divisional commissioner of Saharanpur has ordered 15,000 organic flags for August 15 celebrations this year.


“These flags are made of environment-friendly recycled paper, embedded with seeds of Tulsi and Marigold. The flags can be soaked in water after use (for about 12 hours) and when soft and pulpy, put into the soil, from which saplings will sprout,” said divisional commissioner Sanjay Kumar, adding that if people appreciated the idea, more such flags would be ordered for forthcoming national festivals.


The NGO behind the creation of these 15,000 small size tricolors is the Sahariya Tribal Artisans of Madhya Pradesh, he said. The flags will be distributed in all government offices on August 15.


Kumar said the users were also being educated about the correct method of disposing of the flags. “We are also urging them to take care of the saplings that come out,” he said.


The official appealed to people to not disrespect the national flag after use by discarding it carelessly. “The national flag has to be disposed of as per the specified guidelines to uphold its honor,” he said.


Thousands of tricolors are sold on the streets and at shops ahead of Independence Day and Republic Day. Although there are set guidelines to follow while disposing of the tricolor, people seldom follow these. As a result, tricolors made of plastic and cloth are seen dumped in garbage and on roadsides after celebrations, which is not only against rules but also a gross insult to a national symbol.


Meanwhile, in a separate eco-friendly move, Kumar said that a plantation drive was also being carried out in the division. “The objective is to enlarge the green cover in the region,” he said.